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MGI Excellence, Shanghai, The 21st Century is Chinese Century

MGI Excellence, Shanghai

Under the government opening policy and the remarkable reformation, China has been successfully boosting and maintaining its economy growth.
It would become a must for you and your next generations to get along with nearly 1.3 billion people of this country. Investing and developing business in China has become a mega trend.

There are two common occurrences to the foreign investors in China. Firstly, investors usually neglect what they should have paid attention to. Secondly, they are also usually being misled by negative or wrong information and causing them some evitable business loss.

Under the motto of MGI Excellence, we provide professional and comprehensive services for our customers. Now we choose to be in the heart of China—Shanghai, where we facilitate you and your company to build a solid foundation at which you can further explore other business opportunities in the rest of China and the world. MGI Excellence, Shanghai is a foreign wholly owned company and it is a subsidiary of the MGI Excellence, Taiwan. MGI Excellence will offer you various professional and comprehensive services in Shanghai and also in China.

International Perspective: far-reaching services to expand your business blueprint

International Perspective

MGI Excellence has broadened international view; our service is not only available in Chinese, but also in English and Japanese. That makes our service international and diversified; our customers could come from all over the world.

In addition, we also look for all possible opportunities to interact and participate in the global activities of international CPA organization. In September 1993; our firm became a member of MGI, a worldwide association of independent auditing, accounting and consulting firms. Through MGI, we can grasp the world’s latest and relevant business information, flexibly using national and international professional knowledge and skills, providing customers comprehensive and professional service.

Offshore companies: tax saving and investment

Offshore companies

The procedures involved in business registration are very complicated. Under local government policies and regulations, incentive policies varies among different districts, thereby, business registration procedures will become crucial and it will impose remarkable impacts on various key issues to your business such as tax, cash flow, the period required in registration as well as the eligibility to the enjoyment of various incentive policies from the district government.

It is true that you can always greatly save your efforts by having a good preparation. An accurate and effective business registration would become the first step leading to the final success of your business to globe.

ComprehensiveService provider in comprehensive CPA firm services

Multiple Services

Multiple Services

We serve all kind of organizations and industries, ranging from large, medium, and small-scale corporations to non-profit organizations, from trading, manufacturing, construction, security to health care, educational institutions etc.

Different from traditional accounting firm, we provide organizations and businesses service including “hiring", “social insurance", “tax", and work hard to create our service contents to meet the changing needs of our customers. We have been providing efficient, high quality, and high value added professional services with the highest managerial effects to our customers for the last four decades. We do have market competitiveness.

Consulting and agency services

Consulting and agency services

MGI Excellence for the sake of providing comprehensive and integrated services, in response to customer demand, in addition to the fine reputation of the accounting traditional business, we provide various service of professional consulting.

With the ever increasing competitions and globalization, the business environments and regulations are become more and more complicated. Our experienced professionals can provide various consulting services, including design of management control, strategic planning for financial management, tax planning etc.

Practical TrainingMore than 40 years Knowledge of Practical Experience

Practical Training

Professional Practice

MGI Excellence is known to have history over 40 years, since our establishment. We win good reputations of high efficiency, high quality, high value-added professional services in accounting and auditing, tax planning, business registration, system design and management consulting.
MGI Excellence systematic provides consulting services, our professional built customers trust, and could also feel our hospitality.

MGI Excellence Academy

MGI Excellence Academy

MGI Excellence work hard to improve the quality of both our human resource and our service.
We design and deliver different training courses and seminars, to meet diverse needs of our existing and potential customers. Our customers get great benefit and joy from the courses and seminars provided by our professionals.

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